Foursquare Life Church


Adult Ministry

Jesus calls us to come follow Him. This is how we learn to live and do life like He did. He also commanded us to GO and make disciples, teaching them to obey all of His Word. This is how we expand the Kingdom of God. At FLC we teach the Word of God with simplicity and clarity and make available a variety of opportunities to act upon it. There is abundant life for all who will come, hear and do His Word. So come journey with us as we grow in wisdom and knowledge of the Word.

Youth Ministry (aka Uthonfire!)

We exist to support the vision of FLC; that is, to produce significant and lasting fruit in the lives of teenagers. Developing teens who are passionate about their faith and have compassion for lost souls. Compassion that drives them to share the Gospel. By partnering with parents, uthonfire is providing continual spiritual, emotional and character development through leading, discipling and mentoring the lives of teenagers.

Children’s Ministry

At FLC we believe children are so very important! Our hearts desire is first: to connect with children and partner with parents in the hope of connecting them with Jesus. And second: to equip children for the ministry by teaching them to love God, and that going to church, reading their Bibles, worshiping and praying can be fun! Also, that they too can GO and reflect Jesus to the world in the hope that they can help others connect with HIM also.

We believe children are the NOW generation and God is excited to work through them NOW, and that they don’t have to wait until they are teens or adults.


FLC Worship strives for excellence through prayer, team unity, late night practices, and lots of fun. The team’s desire is to lead young and old in authentic worship and to see lives changed through the work of The Holy Spirit. Randy and Kristen make a great team and love serving together, as well as raising their children Kayla and Devin.


One of many key heartbeats at Foursquare Life Church is loving people and serving the city. Throughout the year, opportunities in many areas are made available to impact Richmond. On a weekly basis teams serve at Virginia Supportive Housing, a non-profit ending homelessness through permanent housing solutions through game nights and sharing meals. Construction, landscaping, building relationships with the previously homeless tenants, and painting are ways we have partnered with VSH in the past and continue to offer currently. We also host a food pantry to meet practical, daily needs in the community. Each year we provide Thanksgiving dinners for families who would otherwise go without, and teams celebrate Christmas morning with the tenants on VSH properties. There are exciting things happening in the city and we would love to connect with you!

Men’s Ministry

Pastor Bob Smith has had a passion for seeing men become Godly men, husbands, fathers, businessmen and friends since he was saved in 1972. His first disciple was Darrell, a man that worked for him in his architectural/construction business. Although he didn’t know a lot at the time, he kept teaching Darrell all that he knew, every day. He still continues to have a heart to teach men to become great leaders – first in their home and then in their community.

It is Pastor Bob’s belief that each facet of a man’s life needs some direction and understanding of what the Word has to say about these rolls. God needs to play the biggest part in each man’s life IF he wants to succeed and have children that love God, His Word and a desire to be more like Jesus every day. It is for that reason that Pastor Bob heads up the Men’s Ministry. He wants to see all men not just survive, but thrive in the things God has very clearly called them to do. He has introduced and continues to use curriculum for the men such as: Men’s Fraternity, Pure Desire, Laugh Your Way to a Happy Marriage, Growing Families International and Equipping Men – just to name a few.

When you reach the heart of the man (husband, father) you reach the entire family for Jesus. This ministry extends to other parts of the world i.e. Nicaragua and Bahamas, thus far.

Men’s Meetings will start in September on Saturday mornings with meetings posted on the Church Calendar. These meetings are open to other churches as well.

Come and Visit!

We meet on Sundays at 10:00am

8803 Staples Mill Road

Richmond, VA 23228