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  • The Family that is wise

    Pastor Scott Starts the Family Series talking about wisdom. Download Audio  

  • 8 things I’ve learned about relationships

    Amanda Roose details 8 things she’s learned about relationships while not being in one. Download Audio  

  • Family, it does the body good

    Pastor Bob talks about the family. Download Audio

  • Conflict Resolution

    Pastor Scott teaches on conflict resolution at the Foursquare Central Virginia Division Meeting. Download Audio  

  • Blessings and Healing

    Download Audio  

  • Make Disciples

    Download Audio  

  • The other side of “but”

    John 14, 15 & 16 – signs shall follow those who believe!  Acts 1 My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge – lack of wisdom.  Do you know & do the Word?  Cast out devils, heal the sick, etc. But He answered and said,  “It is written,  ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, […]

  • The Honor Factor

    People do not need people to complete each other! If you’ve been divorced – it is not the unpardonable sin. Honor is vital to your whole life! When we walk in dishonor it will affect your whole life! 4th commandment – your relationship is the most important in your life.  If you do not honor […]

  • Speaking in Tongues

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  • The Priority of Marriage

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