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Day 7: Friday, Redemption! (Letters for the Pastor)

Wow, do I say that a lot? I now realize that I missed Fridays letter because it is now Saturday here. So this will be my last letter from Niger. Tomorrow we will be leaving at 4:00pm your time to head to the airport. PTL.

Today was a difficult day in that some tough love had to be shown to our local leaders. But by the grace of God things are turning nicely. In one of the meetings we had international leaders, national leaders, district leaders and then me. Talk about little man at the table. I did not say anything the whole meeting. I thought it was going terrible in a bad way. Right as they were going to close I had one of those prophetic words that the choice was give it, or throw up in front of these people. I shared the word rather than the vomit and it was received well. PTL.

For lunch we were treated to Niger style eating in the most beautiful home. We ate in groups of four from the biggest platters of rice and chicken that I have ever seen. What a treat. I want to do house church there more often(says that soft American missionary).

As if we have not seen enough miracles and awesome conversions this week. Today takes first prize. Book of Acts style. We went to a village just outside of the city. Same as the other, primitive huts, no power, water or ease of life. As we walked to the tree where they meet pastor Ali tells us there are just four or five believers. We sat with about 70 or so people. We shared introductions and just a short Gospel message. More that thirty or even forty accepted Christ. Wow. As we walked through the village all the children followed us and were holding our hands. I will try to include pictures in this letter. Try.

We then went to the hut of the Muslim leader for that village. As I shared the Gospel with him he smirked and endured. I thought ok. That was fruitless. But then we turned and prayed for his daughter who had been tormented for four months laying on a matt. We held her by the hands and raised her up and she was healed. She declaimed she was healed in Jesus Name. The father was so much more open after that. God is good. We thought we were leaving after that but had one more appointment. One of the grandmas of the village could not walk and was lying on her mat. So we layer hands on her and she got up and Kyle led her to The Lord. The village rejoiced. The church grew and Pastor Ali was encouraged. What a mighty God we serve.

We are rejoicing for all that He is doing here in Niger. Please pray for discernment as we seek The Lord to know what our involvement in this place should be. It is in dire need of spiritual foundations, discipleship and Holy Spirit directed teaching. We can impact a nation. And I don’t mean that in a grand dream, wouldn’t it be great if, way.

Please pray for safe and very quick travels tomorrow. For our health and strength to finish this journey well and be home with our babies.

Thank you for your partnership, prayers and support. We have felt them in spirit and body.

With much love, together winning the world back to Him,

Scott and Kyle

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