Foursquare Life Church

Day 1: Full and Fruitful (Letters from the Pastor)

Praise The Lord,

What a wonderful day. Today started with group devotions and a time of cultural orientation with local missionaries. Our local pastors sat down with us for prayer and strategizing how to take Niger for Jesus. They are only asking for the whole nation. So just a little work to do.

This afternoon we went to the family dwelling of Pastor Ali, a prominent Muslim family. Probably about fifty or sixty people. This was just a time of building friendship and two of his sisters came to Christ and one received healing. Very productive time even walking through the streets we were able to greet many people and show the love of Jesus.

We learned that this is a very opportune time for Christ in Niger because people are not satisfied with Islam. In Niamey people are quickly becoming nominal followers of the Muslim religion.

Please pray for the blinders of religion to be removed from the eyes of the people of Niamey. Please pray for clarity and unity in this weeks conference, continued health and safety of our team and for our team to be able to rent a large van for our team on Monday to get to the village where the tree churches are.

Together, reaching the world for Him.

Scott and Kyle

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