Foursquare Life Church

Day 4: Tuesday, you can name it (Letters from the Pastor)

Blessing to all from Niger.  In the process of planning out the first International Foursquare Convention of Niger we have come under attack. Serious attack. One of our team members is being detained by the police. Hopefully when the administrator comes in the morning he will be released. There was an issue with his passport when he went to the airport to pick up the brothers from Nigeria. So please pray for his peace, protection and release. He is preaching the first crusade session.

Today we spent the day in planning and intercession. It was very productive in the spirit. Words of wisdom, knowledge and  prophecy were flowing. It does not make for adventurous or funny stories but it was amazing none the less.

I am confident that I can not communicate in a way that you would comprehend the magnitude of what is taking place right now. This has the potential of seizing and altering an entire nation for The Lord. The Islamist have a strategy. And we are learning the oppressive destructiveness of that strategy. And as Christ followers it is vital that we seize this opportunity to impact Niger and every country and city we are in. It is worth whatever sacrifice you could make to follow Jesus command to pray, give and go. Please do not complicate the simple Gospel. It is enough in these last days to preach continuously the message.

Jesus Christ is the savior.

Jesus Christ is the healer.

Jesus Christ is the baptizer with The Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is the soon coming King.

We have seen and witnessed the power of that message to change the lives of entire villages in the remotest “ends of the earth”.  Will not our Heavenly Father do the same in His neighborhood that you and I live in.

Please brothers and sisters, do the work at hand. It is great. For the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Scott and Kyle

Together, winning the whole world for Him

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