Foursquare Life Church

Day 2: Super Sunday (Letters from the Pastor)

Bon Soi ya’ll,

Not sure if it would be good to argue about who’s Sunday was better but I bet you did not get sunburned in the twenty minutes you were outside. Yes, I did. We preached at our Foursquare Church under a tin roof in 103 degree temperatures and the only thing that could have made it more beautiful is if our children were here with us. It was a very emotional day for us because as Pastor Kyle was sharing the Word I realized that her dream was finally coming to pass. Choked up for sure, and so thankful to Jesus for His faithfulness.

Three Muslim brothers and their friend surrendered to Jesus during that service along with two ladies and an older gentleman. What a miracle.

Tonight I preached at a Home Church in a courtyard under a Mango tree. Papa Mushee and his family and friends were all there. It reminded me of Cornelius in Acts 10. I spoke about the wonderful, powerful name of Jesus and The Spirit touched the heart and soul of the people. Precious ministry of prophecy and healing followed the Word as He promised it would. God is so faithful. We can count on Him. Our Pastors here are so eager to learn. We have given them our hearts for sure.

Tomorrow we are traveling to Macaroondi. It is too dangerous to stay there over night but we are making a day trip to encourage the Tree Church believers, around 400 or so, and the fourteen leaders.

We are still praying for clarity for the conference schedule. Safety for us in the village. Strength to make the most of every opportunity The Lord is giving.

We love you and thank you for your partnership. The people of Niger now know that they are precious to God because of your generosity toward them. Blessing

Together, winning the whole world for Him

Scott and Kyle

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