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Day 3: Amazing Monday (Letters from the Pastor)


I am just copying our letter to the children and sending it to you. Not able to gather the focus to make changes. Love y’all. Night night.You will not believe all that we did today. Really, you won’t. So let us tell you.

When we left early this morning there was a demonstration in the streets. We were warned that a few years ago American missionaries were attacked and people were killed during this demonstration.  But we forged on knowing that there was a divine appointment ahead. The plan was for ten of us to pack into a Nissan pathfinder that seats five. The Mouers stayed behind when they realized the situation. We traveled for a few hours to a region called Macaroondi where we met the mayor. Young but powerful man.
From there we traveled a long way off the paved road until we were so deep in the bush that there was only a walking path. This is one of Pastor Ali’s 17 tree churches. One family will live in the same area all there life. Many never seeing the city. As the children grow and get married they add on new huts and start farming larger areas. No power, no well no dependency on outside resource. The father of this group was pagan but invited Ali to share Jesus in 2010 and now the entire village is Christian. We had us some church. Two boys played box drums, several had beads and percussion instruments (hand made) and one girl led worship. Mommy has video. We shared the Word, met 14 of there Tree church leaders where we learned that there are almost six hundred believers between them. And then they asked us to name and dedicate a new born baby girl. Wow. What an honor. We named her Esther and blessed her and her family. So precious.
We had not brought enough to drink, 103 degrees, and had not eaten all day. We were warned not to be on the road after dark. But we still pressed on another couple miles deeper in the bush where we met another family under the tree. We truly had a taste of Africa today. The people were so gracious and giving. They gave to us bags of Guava and four live chickens. It made for such a pleasant smell the whole way home. Ptl. Oh, and no rear air conditioning. Nice. That story will definitely get some mileage.
We have finally gotten home. Refilled on fluid, food and a cool shower. Pooped out and ready for bed. Can’t wait to hug y’all and share pictures and stories of the greatness of our God. He is so amazing to give His witness and Word to every seeking heart.Scott and Kyle

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