Foursquare Life Church

Day 6: Thursdays thorns (Letters from the Pastor)

Missing all y’all.

Homesick for sure. What should have been a thrilling, or, insert your own “th” word Thursday, ended up as a question mark. Let me explain. We sat with the former president of the nation of Niger. Thrilling! We are having to discuss issues of mis-use of money by local leaders taking care of conference. Not so thrilling. We heard testimonies of people coming to Jesus during Basils imprisonment. Thrilling! We are seeing the disunity of the body of Niger church. Not so thrilling. We welcomed the arrival of our long time friend and National leader Dan Lucero. Thrilling! He has to have the hard conversations of figuring out who is right for leadership and what needs to be done. Not so thrilling.

So you see brothers and sisters, the enemy is at work everywhere trying to bring division and disunity. We must fight the good fight of faith. Not against flesh and blood. But against the wicked schemes of the enemy. And when we are tired, weary and worn we must call out to the same One who saved us. For He alone is faithful and still able to save, deliver and heal.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces, especially Stewart, Corban, Owen and Parker’s.

Much love and appreciation for your prayers.

Until the whole world hears

Scott and Kyle.

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