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Day 5: Wednesday, wow? (Letters from the Pastor)

Hey all, it is Africa.

We could go with wacky Wednesday. W-a-i-t for it Wednesday. Where is everybody Wednesday.

You know the expression, hurry up and wait? Well that was today.

Pastor Basil was seized and taken into custody when he went to the airport to pick up our brothers from Nigeria. We had been trying to get him free for 24hours. Our local pastors and some people were in and out of the officials offices but could do nothing. Basil was supposed to teach this morning and preach the crusade tonight. I covered for him this morning and pastor Isaac taught tonight. At 6:30 pm (service supposed to start at 6) we went to the Administration offices and were able to liberate our brother. He is home resting for the night. PTL!

Amidst the chaos of the day our morning sessions were supposed to start at 9:00am and we did not get them going until after 11:00am. Waiting. Waiting. That’s Africa, as they say. During the wait pastor Kyle was offered a child to take home and was very tempted to do so. Not sure if AM feedings gave her second thoughts. Pastor Harriet also began cleaning feet and painting toenails. The ladies felt so precious and loved. It was tangible.

We have to admit that our hearts are beginning to turn back toward home. This has been so fruitful and productive but we miss our babies tremendously. We are torn for sure. We definitely see the need that these few believers be encouraged and built up so that they can be launched into this great harvest field.

Please pray for a more orderly day tomorrow so that the people can receive all that God has for them!

Scott and Kyle

Together, winning the world for Him

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